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Rules and Guidelines for the TCPAL Elite Boxing Academy

The following rules, and guidelines set for members of the TCPAL EBA, Head Coach & Staff.
Note: There will be no exceptions to rules, & guidelines.

All boxers & participants, will:

  1. Keep safety as the utmost importance.

  2. Be motivated.

  3. Be honest.

  4. Be responsible for your actions and conduct yourself in a controlled and reasonable manner at all times.

  5. Refrain from using any boxing equipment in a manner inconsistent with its intended design and purpose.

  6. Be a Team Player.

  7. Have long and short term realistic goals in life and during training.

  8. Be at practice 10 minutes prior to start, have all equipment and be ready to go on time.

  9. Use the proper chain of command if necessary:
    •Senior team leader/Team Captain or appointed person.
    •Director/Coach/Assistant Coaches

  10. If you bring children and/or guest(s), you are responsible for them. TCPAL does not have a childcare facility!

  11. The coaches are the only ones who will give pointers during sparring, unless otherwise directed.  Motivating one another during the round robins/bag drill is highly recommended.

  12. There will be a monthly Coaches and Boxers meeting to discuss any matters and/or ideas you may have, good or bad.

  13. When traveling on road trips, athletes will conduct themselves in a responsible manner in every situation at all times.

  14. Every member must have a physical prior to training. A copy will be kept on file.

  15. Absolutely NO profanity whatsoever at any time, for any reason!

  16. I understand and agree that TCPAL is not responsible for any property that is lost, stolen, or damaged while in, on, or about the premises.

  17. Everyone will sit when using the restroom, we have ladies in our Academy. 

  18. At the end of practice, ensure that the locker room and gym are clean.

  19. Training dates are Monday – Thursday and times are as follows:
    10:00am to 11:30am
    *2:00pm to 3:30pm – times subject to change
    4:00pm to 5:30pm
    6:00pm to 7:30pm

  20. Participants will not eat 3 hours prior to practice.

  21. Boxers will register with USA Boxing.

  22. When any of these rules and guidelines are violated, the director, coach, or adult appointed person in charge, will decide the next, or best, course of corrective action.

We are open for all ages.
Ages 5, & up.


The Thurston County Police Athletic league is a unique juvenile crime prevention and intervention program designed to provide youth, including under-served boys and girls, with a highly structured, therapeutic, educational and life skills program to develop their understanding of civic values along with individual reliability, accountability and responsibility.


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