Rules, and Guidelines, for the TCPAL Elite Boxing Academy

The following rules, and guidelines set for members of the! TCEBA Head Coach & Staff.
Note: There will be no exceptions to rules, & guidelines.

All Boxers, & participants, will:

  • Keep safety as the utmost importance,
  • Be motivated.
  • Be honest.
  • Be responsible for your actions.
  • Be a “Team Player.”
  • Have long and short term; realistic goals in life and during training.
  • Be at practice 10 minutes prior, and have all equipment and ready to go on time.
  • Use the proper chain of command if necessary.
    • Senior team leader/Team Captain, or appointed person.
    • Director/Coach/Assistant Coaches
  • The coaches are the only ones who, will give pointers during sparring, unless otherwise directed. Motivating one another during the round robins/bag drill is highly recommended.
  • There will be monthly Coaches, and Boxers, meetings to discuss any matters, or ideas you may have; good, or bad.
  • When traveling on road trips, athletes will conduct his/her self in a responsible manner, in every situation, at all times.
  • When any of these rules, and guidelines are violated, the director, coach, or adult appointed person in charge, will decide the next, or best course of corrective action.
  • Every member must have a physical prior to training. A copy will be kept on file.
  • Absolutely No! Profanity what so ever- at any time! For any reason.
  • Everyone sit when using the restroom. We have ladies in our Academy.

Training times are as follows: 10:00 am, to 11:30 am, 6:30pm to 8:00 & 8:00pm to 9:30.

We will add earlier times as the program grows.

We are open for all ages.
Ages 5, & up.


The Thurston County Police Athletic league is a unique juvenile crime prevention and intervention program designed to provide youth, including under-served boys and girls, with a highly structured, therapeutic, educational and life skills program to develop their understanding of civic values along with individual reliability, accountability and responsibility.


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