TCPAL History

What is the Police Athletic League?

The Police Athletic League, or PAL (, is a national organization that was founded in New York City over 90 years ago and now has more than 350 chapters throughout the United States, providing service to two million youths and their families in more than three thousand communities. The PAL program offers a means for members of law enforcement to interact with young people by coaching them in athletic competitions and helping them with school-related projects and activities.

A PAL chapter provides a safe environment in which children can build self-esteem, develop their physical and intellectual skills as well as understand and respect the role of law and law enforcement in their community.

The PAL program has been effective in offering youth an alternative to self-destructive activities such as truancy, drug use and involvement with gangs, and the program has positively impacted many communities by promoting amicable interaction between youth and law enforcement agencies.
What is the status of the Thurston County PAL?

The Thurston County PAL is the only PAL chapter between King County and Portland, Oregon. It is a nonprofit, charitable organization, and we have our 501-C3 status.
How can you help?

The Thurston County Police Athletic League needs your active support in order to become established and help build stronger, safer communities in our county!

Thurston County PAL-Elite Boxing Academy has a new building located at 2948 29th Ave S.W. Suite C-2, Tumwater, WA 98512. We’re in the process of converting the building into a boxing gymnasium, learning academy, and a safe place for community children, teens, and young adults to come and Cross-pollinate. We will reach across every social, economic, racial, & color line in an active effort in bring kids, family, and or community together. Partner with us for our future leaders.


Lydell Spry
Founder & President
Thurston County PAL-Elite Boxing Academy
2948 29th Ave S.W. Suite 2-C
Tumwater, WA 98512
(360) 250-3598

We are open for all ages.
Ages 5, & up.


The Thurston County Police Athletic league is a unique juvenile crime prevention and intervention program designed to provide youth, including under-served boys and girls, with a highly structured, therapeutic, educational and life skills program to develop their understanding of civic values along with individual reliability, accountability and responsibility.


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